Winterizing Commercial BuildingsWinter is coming to the Mid-Atlantic region! Before winter settles in for good, you should prepare your commercial buildings for the change in seasons. Even if your commercial buildings aren’t sitting empty for the winter, there are a few reasons you should consider winterizing them.

Why You Should Winterize Your Commercial Buildings

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Regular cleaning, calibration, and inspection can ensure your systems are operating at their peak efficiency at all times. If you don’t already have a preventative maintenance plan in place, now is one of the best times to do so. Inspections and regular maintenance can prevent issues long before they occur by identifying potential problems or failures that could lead to downtime or high repair costs.

Control for Efficiency

When you own a commercial building, saving money through efficiency is a great benefit to your wallet. Optimizing your systems is one of the best ways to improve efficiency, especially in commercial buildings with huge, open spaces.

Heating can be a high-cost expense during the winter months. Without adequate controls in place, you could be throwing money away. At BMSI, our building maintenance team can help you put controls in place to maximize efficiency and increase the longevity of your current systems.

Some control systems that have been effective for building owners:

  • Installing occupancy and light sensors to adjust heating, cooling, and lights to only be active when people are present
  • Scheduling systems to only run during specific hours
  • Installing CO2 sensors that automatically shut off systems if levels are too high
  • Installing variable fans on current HVAC systems

Saving Money on New Systems

When an expensive system like your HVAC is no longer efficient, it can be money down the drain. A professional building engineer or facilities staff can determine when your systems have passed their prime. They should also know about incentives you can take advantage of when buying a new unit.

Businesses can take advantage of local, federal, and state incentive programs to purchase new energy-efficient equipment. These programs have specific terms and conditions you must meet to use these incentives. Working with a knowledgeable staff team like BMSI in Washington, D.C., can be worthwhile.

Why You Don’t Need a Dedicated Employee Team to Winterize Your Commercial Buildings

Suppose you’re worried about having to hire a part-time or full-time team to winterize and maintain your commercial buildings. In that case, we have a better solution for you. BMSI in Washington, D.C., employs a whole team of maintenance and engineering specialists to provide temporary or long-term staff for your needs. Our professional and knowledgeable team can ensure your HVAC and other systems are running optimally. We develop and execute a routine maintenance plan, winterize your commercial buildings, and more.

Contact us today to learn how the team at BMSI can help with winterizing your commercial buildings and save you money by not having to hire employees. Our team is available, whether you need them for one day, two weeks, or on a long-term basis.