Lindsey Drabick, Office Administrator
Graduating from JMU in 21’, Lindsey is happy to work in a supportive environment with a strong team culture. Her eagerness to learn and desire to help makes her a perfect fit for the role of Office Administrator. She remains focused on the details and stays strong on organization. In fact, she’s always looking for new ways to improve processes, be more efficient and increase productivity. In her spare time, she likes fitness, travel, and photography.

John Adams, Engineer
Technology buff John Adams has found a home with BMSI. He feels he has the opportunity to excel and help grow the company as part of an excellent management team. He brings all the experience of his diverse work history to the company as a hard-working, innovative team member. His advice to those people starting in the industry? “Listen to people who have experience… they know where the land mines are!” John’s goal is to try to benefit others as much as possible.

David White, Operations Manager
The fact that Dave White works in building maintenance and operations isn’t a coincidence… It’s in his blood. Growing up, his family included successful tradespeople, allowing him to learn the many skills he uses in his current career. Before taking his position at BMSI, Dave worked in many building maintenance and operations sectors. He’s earned his reputation as being experienced and reliable on the job. Dave enjoys traveling throughout the world with his family.

Mike Elias, President
Mike Elias strongly believes in maintaining a relationship-based, service-oriented business. For him, it’s about building teams and working with them to help provide customer solutions. His background involves many aspects of building maintenance and corporate leadership. When he has the opportunity to travel, he loves beach vacations. Mike has some tips for people just getting started as building engineers… Be dedicated to your job, invest in education, and network with colleagues. His determination to succeed and excel with BMSI keeps him dedicated to serving customers every day.