Regular Inspections for Building MaintenanceYou wouldn’t drive your car without regular maintenance inspections like checking and changing the oil, air filter, and belts. So, to maintain efficiency, building systems may have to run constantly. And, the only way to keep them running at their best is to do regular inspections and maintenance service checkups.

The Importance of Regular Inspections

Performing regular maintenance inspections can identify minor problems before they turn into significant and costly issues. Also, inspections can minimize equipment downtime and ensure systems and machines are working properly.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and apartment complexes are just a few of the buildings that we expect to run efficiently at all times. Obviously, when an unexpected problem surfaces, downtime can be dangerous in certain settings.

By creating a preventative maintenance checklist and schedule, your building systems and equipment can stay in peak condition. In this case, you will be more likely to avoid costly repairs and potentially dangerous issues from surfacing.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist

A preventive maintenance checklist is a great way to keep track of inspections and repairs as you complete them. If an issue arises, you can easily refer to the maintenance log to see what you’ve done previously.

Here are examples of items that you should include in your inspection checklist.

Building Interior Inspection

  • Check doors to make sure they open and close properly, all locks work
  • Check ceilings, floors, and walls for water or other damage
  • Look for water damage in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Check for loose stairs and railings
  • Check all lights and change bulbs as needed
  • Clear hallways and walkways of trash or debris that could cause a fire or tripping hazard
  • Look for signs of pests and treat as needed
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire and smoke alarms, and change batteries annually

Building Exterior Inspection

  • Inspect gutters, drains, and roof and make repairs and clean out debris as needed
  • Visually inspect foundation and walls for tree and plant damage
  • Inspect windows for any damage or broken glass
  • Walk the building perimeter, clean trash and debris
  • Inspect sidewalks and parking lots, having cracks and potholes filled
  • Check the condition of the exterior wall paint or siding, repair as needed
  • Inspect decks and patios for loose nails or screws, railings, and deck boards

HVAC Inspections

  • Clean and inspect ducts, air intake, filters, and motors regularly
  • Check condensation pans for proper drainage
  • Check and secure loose guards, hardware, and panels
  • Verify controls and safety equipment work properly and repair as needed

Plumbing Inspections

  • Check annually or more frequently for damage, leaks, and noises
  • Lubricate water boosters and chillers, condenser fans, and circulation pumps
  • Fire-test water heaters and boilers
  • Inspect sewage and sump pumps regularly and repair as needed

Building Maintenance Schedule

Work with the building owner to come up with a predictable schedule for regular inspections and maintenance intervals. Some systems may only require an annual inspection, while you’ll need to attend to others every quarter, or even monthly. By creating a schedule, you can reduce downtime and limit interruptions to tenants and workers.

Depending on the size of your building, its usage, and the number of systems you have in place, regular inspections and building maintenance can be a full-time job. Quite often building personnel are too short staffed to complete service calls, attend operational meetings, and perform inspections and building maintenance. If you need an extra hand to help but are unable to employ a full-time engineer look to the experts at BMSI in Washington, D.C. BMSI can provide temporary, project, or mobile support so your engineers and maintenance professionals stay safe and don’t get burned out.

We employ skilled building staff to support or complete all your maintenance needs whenever you need them. Let us help you when you’re stuck between hiring a full-time employee or working without help. We have options for you, as your flexible building support partners. We’re here to help you maintain your building professionally, and to keep your operating budget on track! Contact BMSI today to learn how we can help support your facility goals.