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When you use our long-term services, we become your partner in operations and maintenance. Our goal is the same as yours – to operate the facility(s) at the peak of efficiency while reducing repair and utility costs.


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When circumstances make it difficult to operate effectively, or at all, BMSI can provide its licensed engineers for hours, days or weeks at a time. Rely on BMSI to fill any gaps in your commercial building maintenance plan.


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Become part of the Building Maintenance Systems Team. When you join, you will provide essential services to keep thousands of residents, tenants and communities around the Washington D.C. Metro area thriving.

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  • Getting Buildings Winter Ready
    Getting Buildings Winter Ready
    Getting commercial buildings winter ready is no small task. When your scheduled ongoing maintenance is up to date, you’re less likely to encounter many problems in the fall. Preventative maintenance, or PM, will make winter preparations more efficient. Is your facilities manager stretched too thin? Getting Commercial Buildings Winter Ready Your facilities manager’s checklist for maintaining the building will be extensive. Before the snow flies, you must take care of all preventative maintenance indoors and on the grounds. A professional should inspect the roof for any cracks or loose flashing and remove debris. Many larger commercial buildings have their HVAC...
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  • Limiting Water Consumption In Buildings
    Limiting Water Consumption In Buildings 
    Building Maintenance Systems, Inc. (BMSI) knows limiting water consumption in commercial buildings is vital. Gone are the days of gross negligence, where sidewalks and parking lots get watered unintentionally. Initially, a leaking faucet may not look like a big deal. However if there are numerous leaks on the property, the...
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  • The Labor Shortage – A Closer Look
    The Labor Shortage – A Closer Look
    Theories on the labor shortage are complicated. What is crystal clear is there has been a widespread shortage of qualified workers in every field since the pandemic. There are eleven million job openings and only six million unemployed workers. Indeed lists 2,530 job openings for building maintenance alone in the...
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Professional Building Engineer Staffing November 16, 2020