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When you use our long-term services, we become your partner in operations and maintenance. Our goal is the same as yours – to operate the facility(s) at the peak of efficiency while reducing repair and utility costs.


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When circumstances make it difficult to operate effectively, or at all, BMSI can provide its licensed engineers for hours, days or weeks at a time. Rely on BMSI to fill any gaps in your commercial building maintenance plan.


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Become part of the Building Maintenance Systems Team. When you join, you will provide essential services to keep thousands of residents, tenants and communities around the Washington D.C. Metro area thriving.

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  • How Can I Keep My Commercial Boiler Running Smoothly
    How Can I Keep My Commercial Boiler Running Smoothly?
    A commercial boiler contributes to the comfort level of all those that inhabit the building. Even the best of maintenance won’t make it last forever. Still, regular maintenance tasks can help it stay in service as long as possible. When you need to replace a boiler, it’s typically an emergency situation. Don’t put yourself in that stressful position. Make sure you’re keeping up with necessary tasks and that you check the status of your boiler regularly. All boiler maintenance needs to be done by a 3rd Class Engineer. This professional will have the training and knowledge to handle repairs and...
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  • Optimizing Your Buildings for Reduced Occupancy
    Optimizing Your Buildings for Reduced Occupancy
    Whether it’s during the summer when most occupants are on vacation or during a global pandemic, there are times when commercial buildings have reduced occupancy. Facility managers and commercial building owners can use several strategies to optimize their buildings during these times to ensure operational efficiency while maintaining occupant safety...
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  • Monthly Building Maintenance Checklist
    Monthly Building Maintenance Checklist
    When you own a commercial building, there are maintenance tasks. These must be completed daily, weekly, monthly, twice per year, and yearly. Having a building maintenance inspection checklist for each set of tasks makes it easier to stay up-to-date on preventative maintenance. Performing these tasks regularly can alert you to...
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Professional Building Engineer Staffing November 16, 2020