Energy Star Certification for Your Building_Energy Star Certification has been around for a while… I know you’ve seen the labels on your washing machine and refrigerator. But do you realize that your building can receive an Energy Star certification as well?

When a building becomes Energy Star certified, it has an Energy Star score of 75 or better. The EPA Energy Star scale goes from 1-100, with 100 being the best. A score of 75 means that your building is protecting the environment and saving energy better than 75 percent of similar buildings in the U.S.

This certification is awarded yearly, so your building must keep up its performance rate to earn annual recertification. Washington, D.C. was the first jurisdiction in the United States to pass laws that require large privately-owned buildings to measure and report their energy performance. Reporting is done annually for the public record. To do this benchmarking, they employ the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

Why Is An Energy Star Rating Important for Your Building?

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about… Why would you need to have an Energy Star Certification? Well, consider that buildings with a high Energy Star rating have a lower utility bill. In fact, they can be up to fifty cents a square foot! As an environmental benefit, Energy Star certified buildings emit an average of 35% fewer greenhouse gases. With the certification, these buildings are poised to be more responsive to future performance mandates.

Selling and Leasing an Energy Star Certified Building

Energy Star certified buildings are more valuable! What does this mean exactly? The energy savings you’ll realize by being more compliant with Energy Star requirements translate to higher operating income. This makes these buildings easier to sell and lease. Your Energy Star certified facility be easier to lease or sell. And it will also enable you to collect higher rent revenues.

The Federal Agency Advantage

Do you want to do business with the Federal Government? Did you know that there’s a mandate that Federal Agencies can only lease space in a building that is Energy Star Certified? That means high demand for certifications and certified facilities! Have yours in place when the Federal Government starts looking for space!

Today’s Workforce

In today’s workforce, people are more likely to care about environmental issues and appreciate your concern for the same. Younger people want to work in a building that is Energy Star certified. Learn more about Energy Star Certification and how to get certified.

Economics of an Energy Star Certified Building

Aside from lower operating costs, there are other financial benefits to becoming Energy Star certified. Purchasing a compliant building often comes with better financing terms and lower business mortgages rates. Energy Star certifications are available for leased space as well.

To sum up… there are so many reasons why it’s a great idea to raise the Energy Star rating on your building, or even the space you lease. Our goal is to help property owners and property managers throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and support them in meeting their goals.