Maintenance Services

The following is a list of services BMSI provides in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

On-site Engineer

Provide On-Site Temporary and Permanent Engineers as Required Per Contract.

HVAC Mechanical Equipment

Replace and/or tighten belts, grease motors, adjust refrigerant levels, change filter, adjust temperatures, calibrate thermostats and adjust and repair VAV’s.

Cooling Towers

Drain and clean cooling tower sumps, monitor chemical levels, replace and/or tighten belts, grease motors, take amperage readings, replace bearings when necessary, replace door gaskets when necessary, and log daily cooling tower water temperatures.

Setup of Computer Maintenance Management System

Bar code all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC equipment. Program routine preventive maintenance schedules and set up tracking of tenant requests.


Log daily electric meter readings; clean contacts; perform minor tighten down on field panels and contactors; replace ballasts, lights, breakers, contactors and motors subject to contract agreement.


Log daily water readings; replace diaphragms, washers and seats, handle repair kits, ballcock assemblies, wax rings, and aerators; service hot water heaters, domestic water pumps and related equipment.

Weekly Inspections

Inspect all restrooms, mechanical equipment, lighting, roofing, pumps, towers, and electric rooms.

Monitor EMS

Check energy management system schedules, set day light savings time, schedule overtime HVAC, determine optimal use of system.


Keep on-site files containing Materials Safety Data Sheets on all used or stored materials.

Lock Out/Tag Out

Implement lock out/tag out program.

Provide Reports

Furnish monthly reports outlining service response times, frequency of calls, PM work orders completed and outstanding tickets.

Additional Services

  • We will provide vendor solicitation for major R&M, and monitor tenant build out and other vendor contracted services.
  • Maintain Weekly/Daily Log Books
  • Apartment Punch Out