Limiting Water Consumption In BuildingsBuilding Maintenance Systems, Inc. (BMSI) knows limiting water consumption in commercial buildings is vital. Gone are the days of gross negligence, where sidewalks and parking lots get watered unintentionally. Initially, a leaking faucet may not look like a big deal. However if there are numerous leaks on the property, the water consumption will increase quickly.

This increase is difficult to describe in terms of dollar amounts. There are several factors that will determine loss or savings gained by maintaining strict water conservation efforts, such as the region, the specific efficiency measures implemented, and the scale of water consumption. However, in general, efficient water usage will result in cost savings over time.

Reducing Outdoor Irrigation Water Needs

Does your commercial property have expansive lawn areas? Is there a pond on the property? There are numerous ways to reduce water consumption in commercial landscapes. Water usage concerns are escalating and for good reason. Evaluate the property with one of our maintenance staff or engineers to determine where you can reduce water consumption.

Landscape irrigation requires seasonal upkeep to maintain a properly operating system. A lawn needs less water in the spring than in the summer. Consider filling in the pond and making it an outdoor employee break area. Numerous companies are tearing out significant parts of their lawns, saving money, and helping the environment.

Limiting Water Consumption Inside Your Building

The age of your building is a significant factor in water consumption. Is the building very old? If no one has upgraded the property, you are likely losing a lot of water unnecessarily. The initial investment of retrofitting a commercial building is costly. However, the long-term savings of installing water-saving plumbing fixtures are tremendous.

High-efficiency toilets, faucet aerators, low-flow break rooms, and bathroom water fixtures limit water consumption. New commercial tenants like to know the building they are moving into is environmentally friendly.

Managing Commercial Water Needs

Managing commercial water issues is one of many problems that may rear their ugly head on any given day in large buildings. Commercial building maintenance problems can be present in many forms. Getting any problematic water situation under control saves the company money and helps the environment.

A commercial building whose maintenance staff can’t cover the never-ending extras needs backup. They may already be pushed to the max. You might need extra engineering and maintenance personnel services to fill in the gaps with highly qualified professionals. We’ll provide the extra help to assist you in operating effectively and efficiently. At BMSI, we have you covered if you need professional assistance for a day, weeks, months, or years.