When an Accident Happens – Keep Your Business GoingWith the type of work building engineers and maintenance staff have to complete, work-related accidents are more common than in other industries. Whether it’s on or off the job, an accident could be devastating to your business.

Suppose you’ve ever dealt with an injured engineer or maintenance staff member. In that case, you know how hard it is to keep your business going after an accident happens. Plans may need to change, you miss timelines, and you’re left scrambling to stay on track or risk losing valuable time and money.

Suppose you’re dreading the thought of having to replace a staff member temporarily while they heal from an accident. In that case, we want you to know there is a better way to keep your business going.

How BMSI Can Help Keep Your Business Going

Whether you need to replace one person or several after an accident occurs, BMSI is here to help. We specialize in temporary and long-term engineering and maintenance staffing to fill the gaps left where you need it most.

It doesn’t matter if you need a building engineer to come in while you’re in the middle of a project or maintenance staff to keep your buildings running smoothly. At BMSI in Washington, DC, we have trained professionals to keep your facility operating efficiently and projects running smoothly.

As the next generation of building engineers enters the workforce, we are working together with seasoned on-staff engineers to train them to their fullest potential. We assist with certifications and education and help new engineers gain designations to ensure they will have a successful career as a building engineer. You have a qualified person to step in when you need it most.

Working with BMSI

Our staffing solutions allow you to keep your full-time engineers and maintenance staff on by bridging the gaps where you need them filled. When an accident happens and you need someone to keep your business going, BMSI will work with you. We will provide a temporary staff member of one or more people for a seamless transition.

Our engineers and maintenance staff work in all major areas, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We design our policies and procedures to keep your operational costs low without sacrificing quality.

Having a mobile engineer force you can depend on for a day or long term allows you to fill a position. Whether it’s accident-related or someone simply needs to take vacation time, we’re there to fill in. Your engineers and maintenance staff members can take their time healing. At the same time, your projects and facilities continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

Contact BSMI Today

At BMSI, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We understand the qualifications you need to keep your business going. We can match you with an engineer or maintenance staff that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Contact BMSI in Washington, DC, today to find out how we can work together to build a better present and future for your business. We look forward to filling your temporary or permanent building management needs. Don’t risk your bottom line when an accident happens. Let BMSI help you keep your business going.