Mobile Engineering ForceYou Don’t Have to Hire a Full-Time Building Engineer

Many industries are looking for ways to cut expenses without cutting corners. The property management industry is no different. If you’re struggling to keep your mobile engineering force on payroll or affording to hire much-needed help, there’s another way forward.

At BMSI in Washington D.C., we can provide your mobile engineering force, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a full-time engineer. Why throw a permanent solution at a temporary problem when you don’t have to?

A Customized Solution for Your Staffing Needs

If vacancy problems have you scrambling to find the right support staff, consider working better together with BMSI. It doesn’t matter if you need an engineer for a day or a long-term project; we have staff employees to fill the gaps.

Bob’s going on vacation for a week, and you’re unsure who’s going to cover him? We can provide a qualified engineer to take over Bob’s role while he’s gone temporarily. This way, Bob can enjoy his time off without worrying that he’ll come back to double the work, and you don’t have to worry about finding a qualified replacement.

Have a two hands job but only one qualified person to handle it? Let us know what qualifications you require, and we can provide an engineer who meets or exceeds those qualifications. Why use cookie-cutter solutions for a unique and temporary situation when you don’t have to?

We thoroughly vet and stand behind every person we have on staff at BMSI. Our seasoned engineers are working together with the next generation to impart knowledge and wisdom to encourage a seamless transition. We train and promote from within, ensuring our staffing solutions are the best in the area.

Why Work with BMSI?

BMSI has engineers capable of working in all major areas, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. No task is too big or small for our employees to handle. Here are just a few ways BMSI staff can handle your property management needs:

  • Daily meter readings
  • Lockout/tag-out program
  • Weekly inspections
  • Monthly reports
  • Monitor EMS
  • Set up and implementation of computer maintenance management system

We’ve created policies and procedures company-wide to ensure your operational costs are minimal and quality never suffers. At BMSI, our goal is to understand the value you need in an employee. We’ll meet or exceed those expectations by providing a seamless experience every time, no matter who we assign to your project.

For all your building maintenance needs, consider building a better present and future together with BMSI in Washington D.C. We look forward to filling your temporary or permanent building management needs. You can focus on what matters most to your business without risking your bottom line.

Contact BMSI today to find out how we’re different from other building management staffing companies. Our client-based solutions ensure we meet your needs without sacrificing values or profitability.

Once you see the BMSI difference, you’ll wonder why you settled for anything less in the past. Let’s build a better future for commercial real estate investors together.