Monthly Building Maintenance ChecklistWhen you own a commercial building, there are maintenance tasks. These must be completed daily, weekly, monthly, twice per year, and yearly. Having a building maintenance inspection checklist for each set of tasks makes it easier to stay up-to-date on preventative maintenance. Performing these tasks regularly can alert you to minor problems before they become more significant problems, which usually come with a higher price tag to fix.

Here are some tasks to include in your monthly building maintenance checklist for your commercial facility in the Washington, D.C., area.


  • Is there adequate access to all systems for maintenance?
  • Replace air filters
  • Check refrigerant charge, inspect for leaks and condensation
  • Ensure all return air grilles and registers are unobstructed and open
  • Check drain pans, clean if necessary
  • Clean ducts and condenser/evaporator coils
  • Lubricate moving parts as needed, including bearings and motors
  • Confirm adequate airflow into all rooms
  • Verify thermostat and controls are working properly


  • Inspect lighting fixtures for damage and wear and tear
  • Improve lighting by cleaning lamp and lens surfaces
  • Replace burnt-out bulbs
  • Check adjustable lighting for trajectory and adjust as needed
  • Inspect exterior lights for damaged cables
  • Ensure hardware is in place and no screws or bolts are missing
  • Verify lights are working as needed
  • Inspect gaskets and replace if necessary to maintain a watertight seal
  • Check transformers, controllers, and accessories to ensure they’re working properly


  • Check sprinkler heads, pull stations, and central control panels of the fire safety system
  • Verify pressure relief valves are correctly calibrated
  • Check that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly
  • Inspect and replace old or frayed electrical wiring
  • Verify all fire exits are unobstructed and no fire hazards are present
  • Check all exits are clearly marked, and signs are illuminated
  • Ensure fire extinguishers are on each floor, inspected, and recharged as recommended
  • Make sure circuit boxes, wires, switches, and other components are dust-, dirt-, and debris-free and adequately labeled

Common Areas

  • Check for damaged tiles, walls, cracked/missing grout
  • Ensure dispensers are working correctly and filled
  • Check for faulty hardware
  • Check doors and windows are clear and working properly
  • Verify room temperatures and check for fluctuations
  • Check fixtures for potential leaks and wear and tear
  • Inspect furniture for wear and tear
  • Verify proper use of extension cords and surge protectors (not used end-to-end, not in place of permanent wiring, etc.)
  • All cover plates for outlets and switches are in place

Your Building Maintenance Solution

As a busy investor or building manager, having to hire and supervise an on-site maintenance team can take more time and money than you’re prepared to invest. Why hire a full-time team when you can partner with BMSI in Washington, D.C., instead?

If you need commercial building maintenance in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia, BSMI offers temporary and long-term staffing solutions. Our maintenance and engineering staff are committed to assisting building owners and managers with proper building coverage and maintenance. Our goal is to keep your commercial building facilities operating efficiently and have worked with many owners and managers to meet Energy Star certification standards.

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