When Do You Need a DC 3rd Class Engineer

Are all building engineers in the Nation’s Capital operating under the same certification and requirements? No, not at all. In fact, some jobs and situations require an advanced certification under District of Columbia Municipal Regulations. Let’s talk about the DC 3rd Class Engineer Certification.

Why Is a DC 3rd Class License Necessary in Some Jobs?

It’s a matter of safety. Consider that Boilers and Chillers are pressurized vessels. Without proper handling, the risk of explosion is significant. Therefore, monitoring and maintaining these pieces of equipment cannot be left to an apprentice. Understandably, an experienced DC Class 3 Engineer with the qualifications shown below must be on-site and in charge of these machines.

How Does an Engineer Achieve DC 3rd Class Designation?

Qualification as a DC 3rd Class Engineer requires an examination, in addition to the experience requirements shown below. If an applicant does not pass the exam, they cannot retake it for another six months.

What Qualifications are Necessary for a Class 3 Certification?

Are you wondering about the requirements necessary to apply for a Class 3 Certification? Here is an excerpt from the Municipal Regulations:

404.4 An applicant for a Class 3 – Steam and Hot Water Heating Boiler Engineer license shall have the following qualifications:

(a) The experience and knowledge to take charge of and operate any of the following:

  • (1) A plant having high-pressure steam boilers not to exceed four hundred (400) horsepower or a combination of high-pressure boilers and heating boilers or refrigeration equipment, not to exceed a total of four hundred (400) horsepower;
  • (2) A heating plant having low-pressure steam boilers with a pump return and refrigeration equipment, with no limitation on total capacity; or
  • (3) A heating plant having hot water boilers and refrigeration equipment, with no limitation on total capacity.

(b) At least two (2) years of experience in a high-pressure steam plant of more than seventy-five (75) boiler horsepower as an assistant engineer, fireman, or oiler; or four (4) years of experience in a plant of not less than fifty horsepower (50) [Seven thousand square feet (7,000 ft.2) of steam radiation or eleven thousand two hundred square feet (11,200 ft.2) of water radiation at one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit (150° F.)].

One year of experience will be waived for a graduate mechanical engineer from a duly recognized school of technology or a graduate of an approved engineer apprentice training program.

Where Can A Property Manager in DC Find a Class 3 Engineer?

At BMSI, we hire DC Class 3 Engineers and have them available for work at your property. If you need a Class 3 engineer on-site, contact us for a full or part-time 3rd Class license holder. If you hold a 3rd Class engineer license in DC, contact us for work, either temporary or permanent. We pride ourselves on networking together and matching qualifying individuals with work in the field.

Contact us today and let us show you how easy it is to get qualified people to work where and when you need them. Class 3 Engineers… let’s have a conversation about what type of work you’re looking for.