Building Maintenance Inspection ScheduleA building maintenance schedule checklist is an invaluable tool that ensures your building continues to run safely and efficiently for your tenants. Regular inspections and maintenance will prevent minor issues from turning into serious—and costly—problems down the road.

But when should you perform commercial building maintenance for your Washington, D.C. facility? Here are some things to have on your building maintenance schedule checklist. We’ve arranged them by season.

Spring Building Maintenance Inspection

  • Landscaping
    • Clean out debris and dead plant matter from beds and landscaping areas
    • Fertilize and perform the first mow of the season
    • Create watering schedule/set up sprinkler system for grass and plants
    • Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees
  • Power wash sidewalks, walkways, curbs, and other areas customers/tenants access
  • Inspect outdoor lights, replace and repair as necessary
  • Service AC units before switching them on for summer
  • Inspect ductwork for debris and dust buildup, clean and repair as needed
  • Check the roof for damage or debris, schedule cleaning for summer
  • Perform perimeter check, note any repairs required for fencing, windows, doors, etc. to be performed in summer
  • Perform alarm maintenance

Summer Building Maintenance Inspection

  • Perform any maintenance tasks scheduled from the spring checklist
  • Inspect exterior and interior of the building for peeling paint, rust, or other wear and tear on structural surfaces
  • Inspect the parking lot and outdoor areas, make repairs to signage, remedy erosion issues, and relay ground striping
  • Confirm all windows are working properly

Fall Building Maintenance Inspection

  • Rake leaves and remove from property regularly or as needed
  • Winterize exterior water lines, including sprinkler system
  • Perform service on HVAC, boiler, furnace
  • Inspect plumbing system for leaks
  • Perform alarm maintenance
  • Make adjustments to exterior doors as needed for impending temperature fluctuations

Winter Building Maintenance Inspection

  • Mark parking lot and sidewalks for snowplows
  • Clear all gutters and drains from fallen leaves and debris
  • Inspect the roof and overhangs closely for ice dams after each rain/snow event
  • Inspect interior for maintenance issues
  • Inspect and optimize HVAC system
  • Ensure all light switches and outlets are working properly
  • Check for cracks, drafts, and leaks where heat can escape
  • Check gas lines and connections for corrosion signs
  • Clean and inspect entrances and exits closely, prepare for impending snow or ice accordingly
  • Prepare for lost power and snow removal

Need Commercial Building Maintenance in the Washington, D.C. Area?

Every building owner and manager needs a commercial building maintenance team to keep their tenants happy and the building running at peak performance. But not every building owner or manager needs a full-time building maintenance team.

When you need a temporary maintenance team or even if you need a full-time team but don’t want to put them on the payroll, BMSI in Washington, D.C., is your solution. We employ maintenance and engineering staff, so you don’t have to. Our maintenance team and building engineers are qualified and licensed to provide proper building coverage and help your facility operate efficiently.

Contact us today at BMSI to learn how we can help you build and grow your business without having to hire a full staff to maintain your buildings.