Building Maintenance Systems, Inc. (BMSI) is a local, independently owned corporation serving Maryland, Virginia and DC.

BMSI specializes in temporary and long term maintenance and engineering staffing. Our company is committed to providing qualified and competent licensed engineers to building owners and managers to assist in maintaining the proper building coverage and staffing required to efficiently operate your facility.

BMSI’s mission is to maximize the value of the real estate assets of its clients. Our primary strategies to accomplish this mission are:

  • The application of operational standards to all facets of facility operations, which provides our clients with consistent and reliable operating results and accurate and timely reporting;
  • Employing the highest quality people at all levels of the organization, which provides day-to-day decision making ability/judgment, in turn allowing our client to focus on the big picture; and
  • The aggressive control of operating costs.

BMSI’s policies and procedures enable each of our facility personnel to use standardized policies for all decision-making on a specific property. These policies and procedures enable the staff to provide consistent reporting and techniques in providing our facility services. These are defined as contracting procedures, preventive maintenance procedures, utility monitoring, budgeting, and reporting all the way through life safety and risk management.

BMSI is a facility service firm dedicated to providing superior value added service that aggressively responds to opportunities, needs, and problems faced by tenants, investors and owners of commercial real estate. Our people, comprehensive services and philosophy are the key ingredients for BMSI’s solid track record for success.

Our organization is built on a foundation of experienced, proven, and goal-oriented professionals who continually sharpen their skills with on-going education and training to deliver consistently superior service and performance.

BMSI’s comprehensive services are structured to provide commercial real estate investors, owners, and property management organizations with greater operational efficiencies, tenant satisfaction and enhanced values. BMSI assists these clients on more efficiently operating these commercial properties while maximizing value and profitability.

From our ownership background and mentality, we have developed an operating approach that fully integrates our services, provided for a consistent and measurable performance, and utilizes cutting-edge technology. BMSI treats every property as an investment, giving the special care and attention to details that enhance value and help reduce property-operating costs. BMSI offers its clients information and technology and advanced decision-making tools needed to analyze and interpret and react quickly to the ever-changing market data and building information.

BMSI builds on its successful client relationships to find solutions, to respond in new market opportunities and to increase value in commercial properties.