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When you use our long-term services, we become your partner in operations and maintenance. Our goal is the same as yours – to operate the facility(s) at the peak of efficiency while reducing repair and utility costs.


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When circumstances make it difficult to operate effectively, or at all, BMSI can provide its licensed engineers for hours, days or weeks at a time. Rely on BMSI to fill any gaps in your commercial building maintenance plan.


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Become part of the Building Maintenance Systems Team. When you join, you will provide essential services to keep thousands of residents, tenants and communities around the Washington D.C. Metro area thriving.

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  • When an Accident Happens – Keep Your Business Going
    When an Accident Happens – Keep Your Business Going!
    With the type of work building engineers and maintenance staff have to complete, work-related accidents are more common than in other industries. Whether it’s on or off the job, an accident could be devastating to your business. Suppose you’ve ever dealt with an injured engineer or maintenance staff member. In that case, you know how hard it is to keep your business going after an accident happens. Plans may need to change, you miss timelines, and you’re left scrambling to stay on track or risk losing valuable time and money. Suppose you’re dreading the thought of having to replace a...
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  • Engineers – Get Help When You Need It
    Building Engineers – Get Help When You Need It!
    With warm weather coming to Washington, DC, building engineers will plan vacations. They might want time off to spend with family and friends. If they haven’t already, the time off requests will likely start rolling in any day now. When you work in commercial real estate with a building engineering...
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  • When Do You Need a DC 3rd Class Engineer
    When Do You Need a DC 3rd Class Engineer?
    Are all building engineers in the Nation’s Capital operating under the same certification and requirements? No, not at all. In fact, some jobs and situations require an advanced certification under District of Columbia Municipal Regulations. Let’s talk about the DC 3rd Class Engineer Certification. Why Is a DC 3rd Class...
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Professional Building Engineer Staffing November 16, 2020